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Our Policies

Shipping, Returns, Exchanges, etc...

SHIPPING - Buyer is responsible for all SHIPPING expenses, unless the order qualifies for free SHIPPING.

RETURNS - are not accepted as we can not guarantee that the DISCOIDS have not come into any contact with anything that may harm ours upon returning.

EXCHANGES - will only happen if the order received was incorrect. Then if it is determined that it was Warlock's Discoids fault then a replacement order will be issued, If the buyer is the one at fault for an order placed incorrect then no exchange will be made.

(See below for more information on what is required for exchanges).

If you place an order and it is delivered to your house, on hold at the post office, delivered to another place of your choosing it is your RESPONSIBILITY to pick it up in a timely manner not ours. 

In order for any exchanges to possibly be made. The buyer has from time of delivery 1 hour to inspect their SHIPMENT to make sure every thing is as they ordered and the Discoid Roaches are alive and well. If for some reason there is issues we will need the buyer to show proof. PICTURES, and or VIDEO of product so that we can determine the best actions or remedy. If this process is not done within the 1 hour of delivery to any of the places listed the EXCHANGE WARRANTY will be void.

Thank You

Warlock's Discoids