Warlock's Discoids

We are located in Orlando, Florida.

We started our venture with Discoid Roaches ( Blaberus Discoidalis) Back in 2018.

It started as only a way to feed our Bearded Dragons but turned into much more than that. We found that breeding Discoids was much easier than we thought it would be. 

There has been many times it has been challenging to say the least from what is best to feed them,  heat sources, etc... 

Along the way we have made change after change. Adjusting to what we think is best, or finding things out that we are not doing that maybe we should be or at least try.

We have been making our own Roach Chow that our Discoids go wild for. We also offer them fresh Veggies daily. 

We also Dehydrate Blueberry's, Butternut Squash, and Apples to make into a powder that we add to our Roach Chow and also decided to sell some of it as well.

We have along the way found a need for these with other Reptile owners and decided to give Breeding a try. There is not many places locally to us that sell them, Local stores are selling at a much higher price, out of State places want to charge a chunk for shipping, or places we have seen are out of stock, so waiting was not a option for us and I am sure it is the same for everyone else.

Thank You

Warlock's Discoids